Surrender to the Craziness and Delegate!!!

Rebecca & James | The Interview
ruthjoyphotography_wedding_gallery030Tell us about the proposal:

Rebecca: In a play park, one rainy day in Hampshire.. I was 6 months pregnant. Three years later, he sent our daughter in with the ring, while I was having a bath. She said ‘Daddy says he loves you very much and will you married with him’?



James, what made you choose Becky to be your Wife?

Wasn’t really a conscious choice – I just knew as soon as we met.


Rebecca, what made you choose James to be your husband?

He is devilishly handsome and keeps our paperwork in excellent order.


What moment was the highlight of the day for you?

Rebecca: The look on James’ face when we all walked down the garden path.

James: Seeing Becks in her dress for the first time, walking down the path towards me.


What did you enjoy most about your wedding?

Rebecca: Seeing people we love, together, having a ball!

James: Seeing so many friends and family in the same place at the same time.


What advice would you give to couples thinking of organising a similar day to yours?

Rebecca: Surrender to the craziness. Don’t try and control every detail. On the day, hand over the reins to someone else.

James: Delegate jobs to friends and family, or hire a wedding planner!


Which is your favourite image from the blog and what does it mean to you?

Rebecca: Oooh, that’s really tough! I love the one where James and I are laughing when he’s putting the ring on my finger. She has captured the joy we felt in that moment.  The image of the girls and me sitting in the bedroom is gorgeous too. I love the lighting and the mood.

James: Me, Andy (best man) and Mike (usher) walking up the path – It means that even 30 years on and 2000 miles away, true friendship lasts.


What did you like best about having Dave and Ruth Photograph your wedding? 

Rebecca: They are both true artists and capture the magic and mood of people and places. They make you feel very comfortable, and are not at all pushy.

James: They were extremely organised and had a great photo schedule, but at the same time were very flexible and able to “go with the flow”.  The results were fantastic!

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