Romantic Proposal with a Padlock

Julia & Anthony | The Interview

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How did you two meet?

We worked in the same office, and we both happened to have our Christmas parties on the same night. Our groups met up at the Chinese Karaoke to continue the late night drinking! Anthony made his move then!! He wore me down until I agreed to go on a date with him!

Tell us about the proposal:

We had gone to Rome to celebrate Anthony’s birthday, and Anthony had suggested going to a recommended restaurant on his birthday. We took a taxi, and Anthony advised the restaurant was across the Ponte Milvio bridge. As we walked over the bridge, Anthony got down on one knee and proposed. He then produced an engraved Padlock with our initials and date on, which we joined to the other padlocks on the bridge, which I soon discovered was a famous romantic bridge for the Italians. After the proposal I asked Anthony where the restaurant was, only to discover there wasn’t one and none nearby!!


Julia, how did you know Anthony was the one for you?
Anthony always said he was there to enhance my life, and that he has. He is perfect for me, he’s patient, funny and loyal, but most of all makes me laugh.

Anthony, how did you know Julia, was the one for you?

As soon as Julia enters a room, she brightens it up, I love the inappropriate comments she makes when she is nervous, the fact that she cares so much for her friends and family, she is the only one who laughs at my jokes, she’s definitely my soul mate.


What moment was the highlight of the wedding for you?

Julia: honestly there were so many highlights! One highlight was seeing the queues for the photo booth, then seeing friends and family all showing their photos to each other.

Anthony: the whole day was amazing, I loved the confetti parade, the throwing of the bouquet from the balcony but my favourite was Julia announcing the winning table of the quiz.


What did you enjoy most about your wedding?

Julia: I loved looking around and seeing all the important people in my life all smiling and having a good time, knowing they were all there for me and Anthony. It was such a happy day, where it seemed everyone was laughing and smiling all day/night.

Anthony: the fact that everyone was smiling throughout the day and the light hearted nature of the service.


What advice would you give other couples planning a wedding?
Julia: it’s possible to organise a wedding in 4 months, it can be stressful and a lot if work, but no need for a long wait. Go for it.

Anthony: like I said in the speech, if you need a job doing get your other half to do it!!!


Which is your favourite photograph from the day and what does it mean to you?

Julia: my favourite photo is after the first dance, when I’m with Anthony and my friends, and I have my hands in the air. It really summed up the best day of my life….I’rud had a fabulous day, with all my friends and family there to share. However, there are too many photos to choose as every one seems brilliant.

Anthony: every time I look at the photos, I have a new favourite. My current favourite is seeing Julia with Jon the vicar doing a selfie just before the ceremony. Everyone looks so happy and relaxed. Looking back at it, it sets the tone of things that came that day.


What did you like best about having Ruth and Dave Photograph your Wedding?

Julia: I was nervous at first thinking Ruth would be coming to the house before the service as I don’t like having my photos taken but there was absolutely no need to be. She was very relaxed and put us all at ease. They both worked as a fabulous team and blended in so well that I actually forgot they were there. Everyone commented on how professional they were and all have been so impressed by the photos. I loved the fact that they had done some research beforehand and knew the perfect places to go and have the couple shots.

Anthony: The attention to detail from the initial meeting through to receiving the images was excellent, they gave us a clear idea of how the day would go and researched the church and venue in advance to make sure they could get great shots. Dave was great for the pre-ceremony photos with “the men”, he made us all relaxed and came up with some great ideas. Having Ruth and Dave there gave some really natural shots from different angles which were great.

Ruth was very subtle with her direction and made sure the photos were done in a timely manner enabling us to enjoy our day. For the majority of the day it was like they were never there. Whilst they were discretely taking natural shots of everyone, they were always on hand if we requested a photo. We couldn’t be happier with the photos and it was clear they love what they do and have a genuine talent. I would definitely recommend them for any events.

Several people have said to me that Ruth and Dave’s photos are the best wedding photographs they have ever seen.

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