Pregnancy Photo Shoot

The time has flown and since it is  now only a couple of weeks until we meet our baby I asked Dave to take a few last shots of my ever expanding belly in a last pregnancy photo shoot. As I  see the beautiful babies of girls from my pregnancy yoga and ante-natal class start to appear on their facebook feeds, the more real the fact that we will soon have a baby of our own becomes.

Her little co-sleeper bed is all ready next to ours and her tiny clothes are folded in wicker baskets on her shelves. As she twists and turns inside me as if saying, ‘hello, here I am’,  we stroke my belly,  feeling her little arms and legs as they push and stretch. It won’t be long until  we can cuddle her properly!

Maternity Photos Leicester

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Maternity Photography Leicester Baby Bump Photos Leicester

If you are interested in having a Maternity Photo Shoot with Ruth she would love to hear from you. Get in touch by email at, call on 07807419140 or leave a message through the contact page.  

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