Precious memories and ipods

Natalie & Ben | The Interview

ruthjoyphotography_wedding_gallery003How did you two meet?

Leading a midweek group at Open Heaven Church… our group garnished three married couples in total!


Tell us about the proposal:

Ben bought Natalie an iPod that had a box similar in appearance to that of an engagement ring… a year and a half later, he gave her a ring on Albert Bridge in London.


What moment was the highlight of the wedding for you?

Natalie: The confetti throwing – it swirled upwards in a gust of wind, and there was also just SO much of it!

Ben: Turning around to see Natalie walking down the aisle – in that moment the whole wedding crystallised and suddenly felt so much more tangible.


What did you enjoy most about your wedding?

Natalie: The speeches! I really enjoyed giving a speech and having the opportunity to honour Ben in words, and then seeing what the others had to say!

Ben: The decorations and the atmosphere they made. Knowing every last detail and having personally curated most of it, I appreciated every last ounce.


What advice would you give other couples planning a wedding?

Natalie: Pick bridesmaids with character – as they can form a very important, strong, and helpful team!

Ben: Truly design your wedding to feature the characteristics that make you individuals and don’t allow prejudices or tradition to dictate.


Which is your favourite photograph from the day and what does it mean to you?

Natalie: There’s a fair few… but the one of Ben and I embracing at the altar – such a precious and short moment that I cannot believe was caught so well by camera!

Ben: The one of Nat and I standing with Ness who led our service; I love the way Nat’s smiling up at me.


What did you like best about having Ruth and Dave Photograph your wedding? 

Natalie: Ruth and Dave made such an effort to get to know us and the people around us in our wedding. It was great to have the engagement shoot, and we felt we could trust Ruth and Dave completely with all photography matters on the day. Ruth is also rather good at calming a bride down pre-ceremony…

Ben: Ruth and Dave are absolutely delightful people who were so kind and accommodating to us both on our wedding day and for our engagement shoot.


We really appreciate these photographs along with the stories of the wedding people have told us. They allow us to see other sides of the wedding that we couldn’t at the time! It was a pleasure to have the engagement shoot, because we had more time and observe Ruth’s approach and witness her passion for photography – which made the wedding photography really something to look forward to! It was great to be able to trust two professionals on the day to record everything – as it’s such a whirlwind of a day when it comes!Ruth and Dave also blend so well with the guests… it’s very natural to have them around as they’re so personable!




Click here to see the photographs


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