Maternity Photo Shoot Leicester

My Beautiful Henna Belly Painting by Anita &

Photography by my husband Dave

The bump is still growing and although there are still some weeks to go I already feel ready to pop as our little one pushes and kicks making sure we know she is a very active little girl!! Experiencing pregnancy has been an incredible journey and every day we are amazed at the thought that a new member of our family is busy growing in my belly! Along with the excitement comes the worries – is she doing OK, am I eating the right things and drinking enough water and the tiredness due to lack of sleep (I thought this was only a problem after the baby was born but apparently not!) Then there is the ‘thinking you can still do anything you want’ like rushing around or going on long walks – and then your body tells you in no uncertain terms that actually you need to start taking life a bit slower now!!!

Pregnant Belly Henna Tattoo

Since – hopefully – my big belly won’t be around much longer when we finally get to meet our little one we decided to have a pregnancy photo shoot and I thought it would be rather lovely to ask Anita from Mendhi by Anita to create a Henna Belly painting for me. Anita made sure she sourced a perfectly safe natural henna mixed with lavender oil which was prepared with a pregnant belly in mind. (It’s important to check the type of henna being used as black henna and certain essential oils can be harmful if used during pregnancy.) It took Anita two hours to create the design – I had asked for something floral and flowing and her artistic response was everything I had hoped for!

Maternity Photography Leicester Maternity Photography Leicester  Pregnancy Photo Shoot Leicester Baby Bump Henna Painting, Leicester

I would also like to say a big thank you to my lovely husband Dave who created these images for me. I can’t wait to make beautiful prints from them that I can keep forever to remind me of this very special time.

Henna by Anita from Mendhi (Henna) by Anita

Photography by Dave Stapleton in collaboration with Ruth Joy 

If you are interested in having a Maternity Photo Shoot with Ruth she would love to hear from you. Get in touch by email at, call on 07807419140 or leave a message through the contact page.  

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