Maternity Beach Photo Shoot

When I was young I used to love dancing around at any opportunity and didn’t care if any one was watching! As an adult I am far more conscious about what other people think although I love going to ‘five rhythms dance events’ which is a bit like music and movement for adults and makes you feel amazing. I don’t do this very often however so my new years resolution is to get back in touch with my body and the freedom that comes with movement and dance! I start pregnancy yoga next week which will hopefully also help my body and I become better acquainted again!

So this maternity photo shoot was the start of that resolution!

Dave had the job of lying in the sand with the camera while I jumped around on the beach praising God for our wonderful little baby and having a marvellous time! (Luckily the beach was empty as otherwise I would have been far too embarrassed and self conscious!) I hope you enjoy the results!

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