How to Make a Flower Crown

How to Make a Flower Crown


3 stems of Pussy Willow

1 Stem of Wax Flower

1 Stem of Yellow

Florists wire and/or tape (brown if possible)

2-3 meters of thin ribbon

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1) Soak your stems of Pussy Willow in warm water until they bend easily

2) Bend one stem round your head to get the correct size and fasten with the florist’s tape or wire.

3) Weave the second two stems of Pussy Willow around the first and fasten with your tape or wire.

4) Add the Wax Flowers and Yellow Flowers by poking the stems through the gaps in the woven Pussy Willow.

5) Once you are happy with your design fasten it in place by wrapping the ribbon around the crown first in one direction and then in the other.

6) Lay some damp kitchen paper on a plate or tray and place the crown on it. Keep in a cool, dark place and it should last 2 – 3 days.


DIY Pussy Willow Flower Crown

Above: Step 5 of ‘How to Make a Flower Crown’ note how the green ribbon has been used to secure the flowers in place – by wrapping the crown one way and then the other a pretty ‘criss cross’ effect can be achieved.

Spring Flower Crown Instructions

This is the flower crown I made for my own maternity shoot – I wanted something simple and natural which would work with the colours of the peak district in early spring.

DIY Flower Crown Inspiration How to bind a simple spring bouquet

I decided to have a small bouquet of Narcissi for the shoot to add a pop of colour and because our baby will be born in the Spring. I used the left over ribbon together with some green raffia to bin the flowers.



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