Family Photography by Leicester Family Photographer

Leicester Family Photographer travels to Hampshire

The Lowe family were great fun and we had a lovely time together. The girls had both brought their scooters which kept them happy and occupied as we had a walk around a local nature spot and found some great places for photos along the way. As always I had lots of games up my sleeve for the girls to play and the time went by really fast!

Here are the beautiful words I received from the Lowe family after they had first seen their photographs….

Thank you so much for the photos we absolutely love them! They really captured the girls personalities. They are so wonderful we don’t know which ones to pick to print out. I will recommend you to all my friends and family. The photos you take are truly stunning, a perfect keepsake. You don’t just take a picture but add your talented artist flair to the photos which is why they are so amazing.


If you are considering a family shoot with Ruth check out the little interview below  the photographs to find out more about what happens!! 







 What worries did you have before the photo shoot?
My main concern was choosing the right thing to wear and that the girls behaved themselves. As Ruth has photographed our family before I knew that she would be asking us to do some things which might seem strange but when you see the final result you can see why!

 Did Ruth give you any advice that helped you before the shoot?
Yes Ruth advised us what to wear and told us to bring some bits for the girls to play with.

What part of the shoot did you enjoy most?
The whole shoot was a lovely experience.

How did your children find the shoot? 
I think the girls enjoyed the shoot the most. They had a great morning with Ruth. They really enjoyed the games Ruth encouraged them to play especially Chinese Whispers which they are still playing two weeks later.

What was it like having a family photoshoot with Ruth?
It was lovely. Very natural and not forced.

What advice would you give to a family thinking about having a photoshoot with Ruth
I would advise not to get stressed and worried about the photoshoot. It is a good idea to just go with the flow if it is an outside photoshoot. Who knows what lovely little background you might stumble across whilst exploring. Ruth is very clever as seeing the beauty in the small area that will actually be in the photo.



If you would like a family photo shoot with Ruth get in touch to find out more.





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