Leicester Maternity Photography | Festive Vintage Maternity Photo Shoot

Whilst we had our festive arch set up I decided to make the most of it and take my first proper ‘bump’ photos and a vintage style maternity shoot was perfect for me! At five and a half months there was no longer the problem of simply looking like I’d eaten one too many mince pies – there was definitely a baby in there! The lovely Beth helped me curl my hair and put on makeup – I can’t remember the last time I wore red lipstick and a posh frock but it felt great! Once I set up the camera and lights Beth also took the photo and helped me get into the pose I wanted. She did a great job and I am so happy with the results – my bump is already bigger since this shoot which has made me realise how important it is to keep a photographic record of it growing!

Leicester Maternity Photography | Vintage Maternity Photography East Midlands

For this next photo I was thinking about how much I loved the little life forming inside my tummy. I often find the thoughts someone is having when a photo is taken play such a big part in it which is why I get my brides and grooms to talk and think about different things when I am photographing them. Our faces can express our feelings in such wonderful ways and when we allow it to happen the photographs are always far more powerful than if the subject is purely focused on the camera or is worrying about what they look like! Leicester Maternity Photography | Vintage Pregnancy Photo Shoot

For my Christmas presents this year I asked for money towards a Maternity Photo Shoot for me and Dave with Jess Petrie Photography up in in the Peak District… They will be of the relaxed, natural, outdoors type of photos, like we specialise in for our own engagement couple photo shoots and I am really looking forward to it! In the meantime I expect I will get Dave busy taking lots more bump photos as our little one grows!

Before I experienced pregnancy for myself I had no idea how amazing it was – and what hard work – I was so glad when the first trimester was over and I started to feel a bit more normal again! I can now feel her move inside my belly and occasionally see her little kicks from the outside too which is incredible! We recently found out she is a little girl and we can’t wait to meet her!!


If you are interested in Leicester Maternity Photography why not get in touch with Ruth to discuss how she can help you create some special memories of this amazing time. You can call on 0780741910, email on ruth@ruthjoyphotography.com or pop a message into the contact form on our contact page. She would love to hear from you. 


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