Leicester Family Photography

Leicester Family Photography with Ruth Joy

Beautiful warm evening sunlight, a BIG pile of logs and a rope swing are the perfect ingredients for a family shoot!

When choosing a location I like to look for places with things to do as not only does climbing on logs, swinging on ropes or simply running down tree lined pathways help the whole family relax it also makes for great photographs! We want our families to have lots of fun and remember their photo shoot as a great day out.  Our focus is on natural photographs that bring out the individual personalities of each member of the family.

We had a lovely time taking these photos whilst on holiday with Dave’s sister Victoria, her husband Paul and children, Iona, Nick and Edward.


Leicester Woodland Family Photography

I love this shot of Iona, Edward and Nick, the logs made a perfect seating design.ruthjoyphotography_SB_F_2014-26Family Photography Leicester

Victoria’s Thoughts – Part one

What is your reaction after first seeing  your photos?

 I was delighted when I saw our photos, the colours are really beautiful and you’ve captured the personalities of the children so well.

Which are your favourite three photos and why?

 I love the one of the kids sitting on the logs, the one of us all sitting on the blanket and the rope swing shots are really fun.  I also love the one of David and I.

What worries did you have before the photo shoot?

 I was a little worried that we might be a bit ‘stiff’ but you completely put us at our ease by playing fun games to make everyone relax.

What part of the shoot did you enjoy most

 I enjoyed watching Edward posing, he’s a natural and at that age they have no self-consciousness to hold them back!  I’m convinced he’s inherited my Granny’s uncanny ability to always pull the perfect photo face whenever a camera is pointed in his direction!

Family Photography Nuneaton

Give Edward a rope swing and he is one happy boy!

Nick and Edward demonstrating the DOUBLE swing technique!


I love Acorns and Edward did a great job of finding them!

Leicestershire Family Portraits

Leicester Family Portrait Photos

Victoria’s Thoughts – Part two

How did your children find the shoot? 

 All the children enjoyed the shoot, even Nick who is going through a bit of an ‘awkward teenager’ phase.  They enjoyed being the centre of attention and showing off their rope swinging/climbing/hammocks/Backstreet Boys dancing!

What was it like having a family photo shoot with Ruth?

 The whole experience was very relaxed and fun.  We are extremely pleased with the results.

What advice would you give to a family thinking about having a photo shoot with Ruth?

Go for it!  It’s a lovely way to capture those special childhood moments which don’t last for ever as the kids grow up so quickly.


The moment we were treated to a family rendition of a Back Street Boys number!


The kids spent a few nights sleeping in their Scout Tree Hammocks – Dave was very jealous although I don’t think he’d fit in one!


Dave with his sister Victoria: Can you spot the family resemblance?

Ruth is available for family photography throughout Leicestershire. Specialising in relaxed, natural photographs a photo shoot with Ruth is a great experience for all the family. If you would like to find out more why not give her a ring on 07807419140 or send a message to ruth@ruthjoyphotography.com, she would love to hear from you. 

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