Domestic Violence Charity, SPAVO, Cyprus

Introducing  an amazing organisation working to help people suffering from Domestic Violence. The charity, known as The Association for the Prevention and Handling of Violence in the Family or ‘SPAVO,’ offer services from free helplines for adults and children, to councilling and a shelter. They also do run training workshops and outreach activities all over Cyprus which according to Dr. Marilena Kyriakidou of the research department “aim to challenge peoples’ understanding of domestic violence by discussing myths associated with violence within the family.”

18,000 cases were handled the last 18 years

1 in 10 People calling SPAVO ask to be hosted in their Shelter

In 2013, they offered 314 individual councilling sessions with an average of 26 sessions per month.

We received such a warm welcome from everyone at the charity. The whole place had a great atmosphere and the staff were so friendly and dedicated. We wish them all the very best with their amazing work.

Visit the chariries website  to find out more about the charity’s work and ways to support it.

Ruth Joy SPAVO 2014 (1)Ruth Joy SPAVO 2014 (2a)

Ruth Joy SPAVO 2014 (3a)Ruth Joy SPAVO 2014 (4a)Ruth Joy SPAVO 2014 (5a)Ruth Joy SPAVO 2014 (6)Ruth Joy SPAVO 2014 (7)Ruth Joy SPAVO 2014 (8)Ruth Joy SPAVO 2014 (9)

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