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“Thank you Ruth – you are simply the best – we wouldn’t have been able to entrust our special day to anyone but you.” Simon & Beth


Ruth’s enthusiasm is infectious and it helped keep us both calm in the run up to the wedding. On the day Ruth and Dave appeared every where they needed to be seamlessly at the right time to capture each and every important moment and this made me value and appreciate the time they took preparing with us even more. They told the story of our day with their beautiful pictures and exquisite attention to the details that meant so much to us. We were so excited to receive our photos and can’t stop looking at them! The hard part is deciding which ones to get put in frames and on canvas as there are just so many beautiful shots to choose from.”

What their friend’s said…

Just beautiful! Gorgeous images Ruth – they really capture the relaxed happy atmosphere of the day.” Samantha-Emileigh Peacock

“Loving the photos … You guys look amazing and happy and its captured beautifully” Ravinder Bisram


“ If there was one thing we did right in planning the wedding it was asking Ruth Joy Photography to take the pictures. They were brilliant and helped in making this the best day of our lives ”  Tim & Hannah  

 ruthjoyphotography_main_slideshow005Ruth and Dave were so relaxed and blended in so well with all the wedding guests. Ruth was particularly helpful in the morning. She was definitely a calming influence over me when I was getting more and more nervous and stressed about being late. ” Hannah

” Ruth and Dave were incredibly professional and like Hannah said it felt as if they were one of the invited guests.” Tim

What their friend’s said…

What a wonderful day! … the photos are stunning!” Rachael Leslie

These photos are ace and really capture the magic of the day!” Claire Donald

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“Thank you so much Ruth, the photos are beautiful, we love them!” Sam & Jess

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 ” Ruth and Dave fitted in so well and were so enthusiastic and friendly, and worked tirelessly all day to capture such a complete and beautiful record of our wedding” Jess

” I loved how they were so easy to get on with, being so relaxed and reassuring whilst being totally efficient and professional from the beginning until the end of their day with us.” Sam

What their friend’s said…

Amazing photos” Michael Rennett

” What a beautiful collection of photographs, they capture the joy and emotion of the day” Juliette Goodchild

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We couldn’t be happier with the photos” Julia & Anthony

I was nervous at first thiRuthJoyPhotography_Julia&Anthony_wedding_print -375nking Ruth would be coming to the house before the service as I don’t like having my photos taken but there was absolutely no need to be. She was very relaxed and put us all at ease. They both worked as a fabulous team and blended in so well that I actually forgot they were there. Everyone commented on how professional they were and all have been so impressed by the photos.” Julia

” It was clear they Ruth and Dave love what they do and have a genuine talent. The attention to detail from the initial meeting through to receiving the images was excellent. For the majority of the day it was like they were never there. Several people have said to me that Ruth and Dave’s photos are the best wedding photographs they have ever seen.” Anthony

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 Ruth and Dave are so enthusiastic, so in love with what they do and it shows.” Rachael & Phil


They were amazing in the run up to the wedding and so thoughtful. Ruth and Dave have been through the experience and know what’s needed on the day and how to prepare. ” Rachael

It’s great to have the chance to look back at the day and remember bits that we’d forgotten as the day sort of blurred into one. Ruth and Dave’s style of relaxed documentary photography means all the little moments and details were captured. ” Phil

What their friends said…

What amazing photographs, not a single shot looks artificial or forced” Ben Warden

These photos are truly beautiful. Some of the best I’ve ever seen.” Maggie Turnbull

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Ruth and Dave are both true artists and capture the magic and mood of people and places” Rebecca & James


” Ruth and Dave make you feel very comfortable, and are not at all pushy.” Rebecca

 Ruth and Dave were extremely organised and had a great photo schedule, but at the same time were very flexible and able to “go with the flow”.  The results were fantastic!” James

What their friends said…

” My gosh the pictures are amazing, love and light xxx ” Amanda-Jayne Sameways

Beautiful!!! Gorgeous!!!!! Guapisimo!!” Isabel de las Nieves

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“We felt we could trust Ruth and Dave completely with all photography matters on the day.” Ben & Natalie

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 Ruth and Dave are absolutely delightful people who were so kind and accommodating to us both on our wedding day and for our engagement shoot.” Ben

 ” Ruth and Dave made such an effort to get to know us and the people around us in our wedding. It was great to have the engagement shoot, and  Ruth is also rather good at calming a bride down pre-ceremony...” Natalie

What their friends said…

These photo’s capture the essence of the day perfectly. Fresh, imaginative, so many special moments beautifully recorded forever.” Anne Jones

These wedding photos are the best I’ve ever seen” Bridget Day

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