Chocolate Croissants and Sunsets

ruthjoyphotography_wedding_gallery054How did you two meet? 

We met in Whistler, Canada, at a bakery when a mutual friend introduced us. Neil had chocolate from his croissant all over his face.

 Tell us about the proposal:

We were at a winery in Victoria, Australia. The sun was setting, acoustic guitar was being played and we were by the Murray River, needless to say we had a moment!


Neil, how did you know Abby was the one for you?

Her beautiful smile and her infectious laugh got me.


Abby, how did you know Neil was the one for you?

While I was living in London me and Neil became good friends. He came to my rescue a couple of times when I was sick, needed company, or needed a roof over my head. I knew then that he would look after me forever.


What moment was the highlight of the blessing for you?

Abby: Its hard to say, it was wonderful to have everyone together, and to see a smile on Granny’s face, everything else was icing on the cake.

Neil: It was great to be back in the same country as my family. The ceremony at St Matthew’s church was amazing, and really just having the family and friends together for a party was amazing.


What advice would you give to couples with families in two countries who are thinking of getting married.

Abby: We are lucky enough to have two homes on either sides of the world, it is important to us to never lose touch!

Neil: Communication is key, a phone call is easy and can mean so much.


Which is your favourite photograph from the day and what does it mean to you?

Abby: It is fantastic to see Neil in his Grandad’s kilt.

Neil: I like the shot of all of the lads running at the camera, you can feel the energy of the day.


What did you like best about having Ruth Photograph your blessing? 

Abby: Ruth was very generous with her time. She was a great addition to the day, she was good company and inconspicuous.

Neil: She was in the right place at the right time and got some really amazing shots of things I would never think of.

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