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Rachael & Phil | The Interview


ruthjoyphotography_R&P_W_087How did you two meet?

We met on a Church of England weekend away! Having just turned 18 and one of the older young people I was quite taken with the 20 year old youth worker, fresh back from working in South Africa, who’d had to step in to cover for our responsible male leader last minute. It wasn’t until six months later when I knew I was going to University near him we finally went on our first date (to Cadbury’s world!!). Later we found out we’d both left that weekend telling people we’d fancied someone on the weekend away but never thinking anything would come of it.


Tell us about the proposal:

Phil proposed on my 21st Birthday, he treated me to a wonderful champagne breakfast at one of our favourite cafes, and then took my slightly reluctant self on a walk up to Beacon Hill (the highest point in my home county of Leicestershire and scene of many a happy childhood memory of Kite flying and scrambling up rocks). I remember being really confused as to why he seemed so jumpy, walking from one side of the Beacon to the other, I now of course know he was trying to find ‘ the perfect spot’. He got quite irate at a young woman who asked him to take a photograph of her and her boyfriend, which seemed baffling to me… until he finally picked a spot, got down on one knee and produced the most beautiful engagement ring in the worlds largest ring box. I’m still not sure how I didn’t notice it!


Phil, how did you know Rachael was the one for you?

I think we make a good team; we each compliment each other’s strengths and weaknesses. Though we are different ultimately we are on the same page, with the same goals. We have fun, we make each other laugh, and we make each other cry. We may have adventures but we can also just chill out together. Rachael’s been a real support to me through some really stressful times and I think I’d be a vert different person today if it wasn’t for her.

Rachael, how did you know Phil was the one for you?

I’m sure this will confuse people but I think I knew Phil and I were in it for the long haul after one of our first serious fights. We are a pretty passionate couple, not in a wolf whistle way, more in a stubborn opinionate way. We approach things very differently, which means we bicker a lot but that ultimately we compliment each other. We disagree and we shout but ultimately we love each other enough to bend, find a compromise or say we are sorry when we were just being proud or stubborn. It’s meant that I’ve been persuaded to do things that I would never have attempted before, like learning how to scuba dive, or driving up to the Isle of Skye in a day. We are a bit like one of those 3D puzzle games that fill peoples stockings at Christmas, takes a bit of thought and effort to work it out but when done correctly we fit together perfectly and make something better.


What moment was the highlight of the wedding for you?

Rachael: There were so many, but saying our vows was so wonderful. We both learnt them off by heart. Which made them feel so much more personal and heart felt and meant we could completely focus on each other. I used to sing in the choir at weddings in that same church. I watched so many couples say their vows and think about when it would be me. It was better then I ever imagined.

Phil: When we walked out the church and heard the church bells chiming just for us and thinking, we’re here, it’s happened, we’ve done it.


What did you enjoy most about your wedding?

Rachael: The dancing! Bodger’s Mate were fantastic, watching all our family and friends dancing together, falling over each other and laughing was just brilliant

Phil: Looking around and seeing all our friends and family. Some people had travelled quite a distance just to see us and support us and cheer us on. That meant a lot.


What advice would you give other couples planning a wedding?

Rachael:  Things will go wrong. But you won’t care on the day, so try not to stress. It will be weird and nerve wracking and fun and wonderful and tiring.  But at the end of the day you will be married and nothing, not someone else showing up in white, not rain not lateness (or in my case an electricity failure, missing bouncy castle and blisters the size of 10 pence pieces after dancing) can take can take that away from you.

Phil: Think about the few things that are most important to you and focus on those. Try not to get distracted and wound up by all the silly details, nail out those few important things and as long as they are sorted the other stuff doesn’t matter.


Which is your favourite photograph from the day and what does it mean to you?

Rachael:ruthjoyphotography_R&P_W_105 The first dance photo where Phil and I are galloping towards the camera, One because it was very brave of Ruth as Phil and I were sliding everywhere and could quite possibly have taken her out, but also because it is so natural, so fun and we are surrounded by are friends. Which quintessentially is what our wedding was all about.

Phil: The picture of us both sat in the camper van. It’s such a fun quirky photo but also captures a quiet moment between Rachael and I


What did you like best about having Ruth and Dave Photograph your wedding? 

Rachael: They are so enthusiastic, so in love with what they do and it shows. They were amazing in the run up, giving us a special gift of a voucher for tea and coffee for Phil and I in a local cafe to help us de-stress from the planning. It was so thoughtful. Ruth and Dave have been through the experience and know what’s needed on the day and in the run up.

Phil: Having the chance now to look back at the day some time on and remember bits that we’d forgotten as the day sort of blurred into one. Ruth and Daves style of relaxed documentary photography means all the little moments and details were captured.


Anything else you would like me to add

Just a huge thank you to your both for your hard work on the day, and before hand in going to visit all the venues and scope them out. You have really captured some wonderful memories x


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Ruth and Dave specialise in creative documentary storytelling. They are available for weddings throughout the UK and abroad. To find out if they are available for your wedding date send a message through the contact page or give Ruth a ring on 07807419140

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