Alternative Hen Party Craft Activity

Hen P



 Coloured felt scraps

Beads, buttons and sequins

Needles, thread, glue, scissors, pens

Templates (optional)

Note on Felt: Only put out colours you like, perhaps the ones you have chosen for your wedding – you might want to use a certain colour pallet e.g. cool blue and green tones or earthy natural ones. Acrylic felt tends to come in brighter colours and be slightly thicker and more sturdy. Wool Mix felt is often more subtle in colour but is also slightly thinner and more delicate. Look for bundles of felt squares or visit your local craft shop who may let you ‘pick and mix’ your colours.

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1) Choose a theme e.g. flowers, hearts, butterflies, kites, balloons, shoes, circles or a mixture.

2) Give out pens and templates so your hens can draw a design on the back of the felt before cutting it out.

3) Encourage your hens to create a layered design with several colours of felt and decorate it with beads, buttons and sequins. Allow them to sew or stick – whichever they prefer.

4) Once everyone has finished sew or stick the final designs onto background fabric or card.

5) Put the final piece in a frame – you may find you need to take the glass out or use a deep tray frame to allow for the 3-D elements of the picture. Alternatively hang from a piece of dowel and add some ribbon or string to create a small banner.



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